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YOUR OPINION: Neither Biden nor Trump in 2024

November 23, 2022 at 3:15 a.m.

Edmund A. Martin, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Both President Biden and former President Trump symbolize a serious divide in our country. Neither should represent America during these times of domestic and global conflict and tension. I believe our country can do better. It is time to move on with new leadership.

Instead of focusing on the issues, the focus has been on the current and past presidents. There are many potential 2024 candidates on both sides of the political divide, who are intelligent, younger, and can articulate America's issues and values. Enough of incompetency, ego and arrogance!

When our current President Biden talks about "Democracy in danger" prior to the midterm election, then governs by executive order, without Congress, this is what really puts our democracy in danger. Example is the $400 billion student loan bailout program without congressional approval. It is autocratic and unconstitutional as one judge has declared. Does student loan bailout have merit? Maybe, but it requires legislative approval. With 30 million to 40 million Americans as possible beneficiaries of $10,000 loan forgiveness, many may have shown gratitude by voting a political favor.

On the other side, our past President Trump has used his influence and support in the selection of candidates for Congress. In return, the candidates pledged their allegiance and coddled his ego. Some of those candidates were not qualified in experience or the political process. At this writing, the verdict is 218 on the red side and our government will have checks and balances next year which will be different than the first two years. The Senate will remain blue. The red wave did not happen. Maybe the electorate was confused with all the misinformation and the irresponsible media. I believe Mr. Trump did a good job as president. But his ego and behavior after he lost the election means it is time for Mr. Trump to remove himself from any future elections. I don't believe an elected official should be subject to a loyalty test by a president.

I'm proud to be a Missourian where we know election results the next day. Mail-in ballots may have merit, but the process and delayed results have reduced trust on the national level in the system. We are a nation of laws rather than of men, and we require leaders who understand that we are a country of, by and for the people with equal justice under the law.

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