YOUR OPINION: Fiscal irresponsibility

Clayton Hill, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

Topics in the daily news provide an abundance of subjects to voice opinion, objections, or protests -- crime, inflation, Fentanyl, elections, illegal immigration and politics to name a few. The above titled topic too could be addressed daily at all levels of government. I recently wrote a letter to the editor detailing the lack of constitutional authority regarding funding of partially funded low-income housing, entitled "What would Davy Crockett do." Too many simply throw money at the problems of our society without addressing the core issues.

The Cole County Commission recently demonstrated this fiscal irresponsibility "in spades." In the Nov. 3 edition of the News Tribune, a recap of the previous meeting indicated approval of $100,000 from the ARPA funds to the United City Soccer Club! It was bad enough to provide tax exemptions, but to use our taxes as a grant is egregious. I don't believe the ARPA funding was meant for recreation wants. Just because the commission has the authority does not mean the money should be spent. I realize the presiding commissioner was likely re-elected by the time this letter is published; the Independent Party challenger desired to offer an alternative to the status quo. Her platform identified fiscal irresponsibility, excessive or unauthorized closed sessions, third-party contracts that shirk the commission's direct oversight and decision-making, and the likes, that demonstrate the misgivings of the current commission. I agree. The commission needs to be changed out periodically regardless of political party affiliations. The present commission demonstrates the "good ol' boy cooperation" that is profound in our local area politics.