GOP fundraising, spending outpaces Libertarian in Missouri Senate District 10 race

Travis Fitzwater
Travis Fitzwater

The Republican candidate for Missouri Senate District 10 raised $31,300 last month, including $2,400 from GOP mega donor Rex Sinquefield.

With the Nov. 8 election less than a week away, Republican Travis Fitzwater has more than 54 times the amount of cash on hand as his Libertarian opponent, Catherine Dreher.

Fitzwater and Dreher are vying for the 10th state Senate district seat that Jeanie Riddle, a Mokane Republican, is leaving because of term limits. State senators can serve up to two four-year terms and have an annual salary of about $37,711.

Fitzwater, of Holts Summit, is facing term limits after serving eight years in the Missouri House; he had more than $79,200 in campaign funds as of Oct. 27, according to the latest campaign finance reports submitted to the Missouri Ethics Commission on Monday. Dreher, of Lincoln County, had $1,441 at the end of the reporting period.

Fitzwater began the reporting period, which details contributions and expenditures Oct. 1-27, with $56,534 on hand. He took in another $31,300 during the course of about four weeks and spent approximately $8,597.

Dreher had roughly $2,387 on hand at the beginning of the reporting period and raised another $1,150 in October. She spent $2,096 during the course of the month.

Including the most recent expenditures, Fitzwater has spent more than $244,327 and Dreher a total of $5,530. Fitzwater has raised a total of $277,626 throughout the election cycle and Dreher has raised just over $6,971.

Donors who contributed $1,000 or more in the aggregate to Fitzwater's campaign this period include: Sinquefield, $2,400; Missouri Pork PAC, $2,400; Missouri Realtors PAC Inc., $2,400; RQC PAC, $2,400; MO DSV PAC, $2,400; Fred Schmidt, $2,000; Missouri Health Plan Association PAC, $2,000; Nationwide Political Participation Committee, $2,000; MO Retailers Association PAC, $1,000; Shelter Ins MO State PAC, $1,000; St. Louis Area Hotel Association PAC, $1,000; Mo Coalition for Video Lottery PAC, $1,000; Missouri Beer Wholesalers Association, $1,000; American Family Political Action Committee MO, $1,000; FEA PAC of Missouri, $1,000; Liberty Utilities PAC, $1,000; Bayer US LLC Missouri PAC, $1,000; Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists PAC, $1,000; and Missouri American Water Employees PAC, $1,000.

Contributors to the Fitzwater campaign who gave in the aggregate of $500-$999 in this cycle were: MO RES PAC, $500; Bryan Cave Missouri PAC, $500; and the Union Pacific Corp FFEG Mo Federal Committee, $500.

Donors who gave $100-$499 to Fitzwater's campaign in the aggregate in this cycle include: Missouri Beverage PAC, $400; Missouri Chiropractors PAC, $200; and MO ACTE PAC, $200.

Besides a $650 donation to her own campaign this period, Dreher received a $500 donation to her campaign from Marilyn Smith of Columbia.

Fitzwater's major expenses this period include $6,900 on campaign marketing, $1,000 on campaign staff and $578 on campaign meals and fuel.

All but $3 of the $2,096 Dreher spent this period was on campaign marketing. The $3 was spent on payment of a fee.

  photo  Catherine Dreher