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Your Opinion: What is success?

May 14, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Sue Bower

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

What is success? What is "enough"? What is self-worth and who or what defines that?

I grew up with one doll, one coloring book and box of crayons at a time, "coffee, bread and sugar" for a breakfast, one pair of shoes. I had parents who loved me, who taught me to do my best, who read the comics to me every Sunday, who taught me that if I was good, I would get a treat. I was happy.

Why on earth are we taught that a pair of holey jeans defines style? Girls and women complain that men sexually harass and abuse them, but look at the way young girls are taught to dress and wear makeup and be suggestive ... it takes two to tango, and women have no right to complain if they encourage boys and men. Look at the girls who go to church schools and roll their skirts up as soon as school is out for the day ... so high that their undies show. To what length are we teaching our girls to go so they can be popular? Moms and dads, stop this insanity now.

We are teaching our children that success is defined by money, jewelry, the car we drive, who we date, and if we don't think we are successful, to what lengths will we go to achieve others' determination of success? Do we steal, shoplift, murder? Do we get drunk, take drugs, hang out with people who think we are cool because we do either of the aforementioned?

Parents, what do you want for your children? Roe vs. Wade? What choices are women making? There is preventative care. Our girls are wanton, figuring they can always make that hard decision to abort. Which decision defines success? Prevent? Abort?

Are we successful when we demean others to make ourselves look good? I try hard to believe that everyone sees success as doing his/her best ... to be honest, kind, charitable, helpful, responsible, and forgiving. Family means more than politics. God means more than having money and wealth. Giving a hand up means more than moving up the success ladder at any cost. Are you successful? Is working 60-plus hours a week to make money in a high-paying job success, or is making less money at 40 hours a week and spending time with your family a success story? Mommie and daddy, what do you think?


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