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Your Opinion: Progressive indoctrination

May 11, 2022 at 3:50 a.m.

Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Those of us who had hard-working parents and teachers have been truly blessed. If we wanted anything, we had to "work" for it and learned early that money should be saved for college. It was disgraceful to take government handouts, as it showed laziness or mismanagement of funds. Teachers taught the basics, plus the Constitution, Bill of Rights, true history and not the lies of critical race theory or sexual education at 4 years of age, as we were allowed to be children! Misbehavior was not tolerated.

Since the Progressive era of Clinton/Gore, children were taught they were smarter and shouldn't listen to their racist parents. The indoctrination that children's views were sacrosanct, so rebel violently, threaten and hurt those with opposing views, which we experience almost daily now.

With Democrats controlling almost all forms of media, the lies they now defend with a "disinformation czar" with threats from the Department of Homeland Security are to silence truth. The Supreme Court draft indicated that abortion was not mentioned in the Constitution and should be decided by each state -- period. It was not the final decision, nor does it stop abortions, interracial marriage, or LGBTQ children from going to school -- irrational charges of Democrat politicians!

In a short time, George Soros' radical groups were protesting, threatening justices and their families at their homes and plan disruptions at church services. Rage and hysteria rather than responsibility and discussion; or perhaps Democrats can buy votes with reparations or student loan forgiveness!

Ronald Reagan said: it's amazing those calling for abortions, have all been born! There is nothing more irresponsible than tearing a child limb by limb from its mother and why decent people speak up for "that body!" Taxpayers pay for 22 kinds of birth control/condoms and responsible parents should have those discussions with their children. A society that releases murderers, sexual predators and thieves, but kills innocent children is headed in the wrong direction. A quick fix is not always the right one and can leave psychological scars. Planned Parenthood is a misnomer and should be renamed Unplanned Parenthood, where adoption is discussed. It would give many who lost or couldn't have children a chance for a different, happier life.

Perhaps, someday a pioneering doctor will create a reversible tubal ligation and these deaths will stop. We can only hope science will prevail.

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