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Your Opinion: Disinformation ministry

May 10, 2022 at 3:50 a.m.

Wanda Roam

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Since Elon Musk has purchased Twitter, we are seeing the nervous breakdowns of those on the left that may no longer be able to censor or control free speech. It is such a hypocritical and double-standard stance. The left is scared to death of conflicting opinions and attempts to share truth and evidence with the American people. What happened to candidate Joe Biden's statement that "We choose truth over facts," whatever that means? (Does anyone know what President Biden is saying anymore?) I see facts as the result of truth.

In order to combat what the left fears almost more than Trump returning to the White House, is to create a Ministry of Truth, run by Nina Jankowicz. Ms. Jankowicz was spreading the disinformation that Hunter Biden's laptop was a Russian disinformation attack, rather than promoting the published information to be shared and investigated. She also supported censoring any questions about the origin of COVID-19 and the Wuhan laboratory. This agency should rightfully be called the Disinformation Ministry to pick up where Twitter left off.

No one with any common sense or ability to think for themselves can honestly look at all the chaos and destruction this administration has caused from day one and say they feel more financially secure or feel that our rights and freedoms are being protected, and our borders and national security are strong.

Now that the draft ruling of the Supreme Court to overturn Rowe v Wade was leaked, the left is losing their minds because killing the unborn was a sacred religious right. Sacrificing children to Baal has been practiced up to this day, and they cannot allow this to stop.

I think the mercy and patience of a holy God are being tested, and coming to an end. God is a God of truth, justice and righteousness, and He rewards accordingly. He creates life in the womb and He calls sacrificing children and shedding innocent blood an abomination, and says woe to those who would cause a little one to stumble; because it would be better for them if a milestone were hung around their necks and cast into the sea.

It's time for the church to speak up and for everyone to examine their hearts, and make sure they are protected from the vengeance God will repay. Repent of sin and follow Jesus to be secure for all of eternity.

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