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Your Opinion: Credit CNN for digging deeper

May 9, 2022 at 3:55 a.m.

Mike Barnhill


Dear Editor:

A recent LTE has stated that CNN has reached the conclusion that no harm was done by Donald Trump with the seven-hour gap in phone records. It's true and isn't it amazing that a news organization corrects its error publicly?

The report says, "Two former Trump officials believe the mistake was made during the chaotic nature of the West Wing on Jan. 6th that led to the gaps in the call logs." CNN added, "The official review of Trump phone logs find the record is complete from Jan. 6th."

CNN deserves credit for looking into the issue. It likely does not mean the network has moved toward the center in its political reporting any more than its rival Fox News. But, in at least this one instance, it was willing to go deeper than its competitors and provide an honest assessment. Now that's progress.

Print Headline: Your Opinion: Credit CNN for digging deeper


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