Your Opinion: Schmitt deserves praise

Curtis Thompson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Attorney General Eric Schmitt deserves our praise for requiring the Missouri School Boards Association, local school boards and county health departments to obey state laws.

The spokesperson for MSBA and others need a refresher course in civics. Bodies politic like MSBA, school boards and health departments are creatures of the state that have only those powers specifically granted to them by the state. Any attempt by them to extend their powers is prohibited. Those bodies are also required to obey the laws of the state, whether open records laws, restrictions on mask mandates, or forcing children to take action only their parents can require.

Our attorney general has the responsibility to enforce those laws by bringing actions to the courts. If MSBA, local school boards or county health departments violate the law, the attorney general, and citizens, in some instances, have the right to hold them to account.

Thank you Attorney General Schmitt for fulfilling your responsibilities!