Our Opinion: Missouri takes swift action against Russia. Is it enough?

Missouri should continue to do everything within its power to target Russia after it invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine without provocation.

Last Wednesday, as we reported, Missouri Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe and House Majority Floor Leader Dean Plocher announced the filing of HB 2913, which would ban doing business with the country or its businesses.

It also would ask businesses in Missouri -- and the nation -- not to sell Russian-made products.

On Thursday, the Missouri State Employee Retirement System (MOSERS) Board of Trustees unanimously agreed to sell its Russian holdings and cease all business with the country.

"I think it's important for MOSERS, as a flagship plan in the state, to have the lead on this issue and to take a stance on this," Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick said. "Hopefully other plans in the state will do the same thing."

A spokesperson for MOSERS said the retirement system had around $9 million of indirect Russian exposure, accounting for around 0.07 percent of MOSERS' total $13 billion portfolio exposure.

A Missouri House resolution calls for the state to send a letter to President Joe Biden asking for additional sanctions for Russia and for supplies to be sent to Ukraine.

Last week, Gov. Mike Parson had the Capitol lit in blue and yellow, the colors of Ukraine's flag, to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The West has displayed an amazing show of unity with sweeping sanctions never before seen. It's an effort to isolate Russia and choke off its finances and imports.

But is the world and the U.S. doing enough? Is Missouri doing enough?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said sanctions, in general, aren't sufficient and he's asked for more help.

Ukraine is staving off Russia's invasion with admirable courage. But it needs continued help from the rest of the civilized world.

We commend Missouri for taking quick action to do its part to deter Vladimir Putin, who has rightly been called a madman. And we thank Missourians who have donated to some of the organizations helping Ukraine that we listed in Saturday's editorial.

The more we can all collectively do, the sooner we can hopefully stop this senseless invasion and help the 1 million-plus Ukrainian refugees back home.

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