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Your Opinion: Importance of a good education

June 22, 2022 at 3:45 a.m.

Howard Shotts, Stover

Dear Editor,

Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government we were going to have. Reportedly, he answered, "A democratic republic, if you can keep it."

The founders recognized that a true democratic republic as they had established was going to require the people voting be sufficiently educated to understand the consequences of that vote, which was one of the reasons educational systems were established in every state.

American democracy has worked beyond anyone's wildest dreams, and overall, the education system, until recently, has also. Our most recent presidential election said one thing loud and clear: either the majority of voters wanted the high inflation and all that entails, or they were not sufficiently educated to understand what putting this president in charge would mean to their well-being.

There were no secrets here, candidate Biden told all who would listen what he was going to do when elected, and he has since day one, been doing it. Again, no surprises, he also told us how great the consequences of his actions would be, better than anything we had seen in recent times. Of course, that was either a lie or he too needs more education as it was impossible for positive results to occur based upon what he was telling us, and you did not need to be an economics genius to know that.

So, those who voted for him either did not look for truth behind the statements or they were just wishing. Either way, they did not prepare themselves educationally. There are those who voted for him because they, "could not stand" the man running against him. Fair enough, but back to that education, how was your life under that president? Whether you liked him or not, how was his management skills in comparison, as that is what you elect a president to do?

Our founding fathers well understood the importance of a good education. Sadly today, we have a voting population who does not, nor did they understand the consequences. But with gas at $5 a gallon, they might start.

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