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Your Opinion: 2022 elections

June 22, 2022 at 3:45 a.m.

Daniel Kliethermes,

New Bloomfield

Dear Editor,

Well, it is another election year. Get ready for all the mudslinging and degrading their opponent; they try to find as much dirt on their opponent as they can.

We will get empty promises, and what they're going to do for the people maybe. I wish just once a candidate would talk about what he is going to try to do if they get elected. I commend Senate candidate Eric Schmitt about the immigration problem and teaching CRT in schools. But was it a political move to advance his chances at getting elected to the Senate or was this a move that had nothing to do with the election campaign? I don't know for sure. Also he was photographed with three judges; was this also a political move?

Sen. Josh Hawley has earned my respect for standing up to the far-left progressive movement and trying to do positive things while representing our state; I hope he doesn't lose my respect. I believe when a candidate wins an election all the promises that he has made while campaigning will go right out the window and the curtain will be closed and will never happen. Then you won't hear from them again until election time and then they will start over with empty promises, relying on that Missourians don't remember his or her promises from two or four years ago; that's the only time you hear from them again.

If they really were for the constituent, they would have a few town hall meetings during his two or four years to let people know what is going on in Washington. They have campaign ads on TV as well as flyers; these flyers don't mean nothing and are a waste of taxpayers' money. I throw them away because they're not worth the paper they're written on.

In this day and age, all they care about is slamming their opponent and try to dig up as much dirt that they can to sway voters. Maybe some of it is true, but why slam your opponent? Why not instead run on your platform and let your opponent run on his, and let the voters decide on an opponent's merits? So, politicians grow up and act like you're supposed to, but I know that is a waste of my breath.

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