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From the Stacks: A journey of rediscovery

by Lisa Sanning | June 19, 2022 at 3:30 a.m.

If you're looking for a slightly steamy book to take on vacation this summer, you might enjoy "The Unbreakables" by Lisa Barr. The story follows Sophie Bloom as she sets out to rediscover herself after an unforgivable betrayal comes to light during her forty-second birthday dinner.

Sophie has spent her entire marriage putting her husband and daughter first, losing herself in family obligations. Giving up a promising career as a sculptor in her twenties due to a medical issue, she has instead thrown herself into being the perfect wife and mother. Fit and beautiful, Sophie always wears the right labels, works out, prepares healthy meals, and puts out all the fires, big and small that flare up for her cardiologist husband Gabe and daughter, Ava, a college student currently studying abroad.

Sophie is blindsided when Ashley Madison, the website that caters to cheating spouses, is hacked and Gabe turns out to be the number one serial cheater in their suburban town. To add to her heartbreak, Sophie discovers Samantha and Lauren, her two best friends, have been keeping secrets from her as well.

Reeling from these stunning revelations, Sophie flees to Paris to support Ava through her own relationship upheaval. While there, she takes an honest look at who she's become during her marriage and tries to figure out how to get back in touch with herself.

Embarking on a journey of self discovery while also exploring the French countryside, Sophie promises herself to eat what she wants, wear what she wants, get back to sculpting again and let passion back into her life. Learning to live by these empowering ideas allows Sophie to finally put herself first, which in turn leads her to rediscover her sensual side and a sexual experience she never would have dreamed of in her married life.

"The Unbreakables" was a fun, beachy read that will have you cheering on Sophie as she rediscovers her self assurance and the things that make her happy and fulfilled.

Lisa Sanning is the adult services librarian at Missouri River Regional Library.

Print Headline: From the Stacks: A journey of rediscovery


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