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Your Opinion: Saddened by school boundary comments

January 16, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Steve Reimann


Dear Editor:

My wife and I relocated to Jefferson City 22 years ago because we desired to start a family and be a part of the (whole) Jefferson City community. I'm saddened by some of the anonymous community responses regarding school boundary changes. There are many factors at play, but I'm troubled by the disproportionate number of comments condemning JCHS.

Often numerous elements influence our own biases. Objective evaluation is one way. Personal experience can affect bias. Word of mouth by friends and others within our sphere of influence can also contribute to our biases. No matter how you form your personal bias, we should all be careful and avoid the traps of perceptual distortion or illogical interpretation.

My children have attended public and private middle schools as well as public and private high schools. Our family has sampled and experienced various community educational offerings. My first daughter's time at LCMS wasn't perfect. With the perspective of hindsight, I can say most issues we experienced were based on normal early teen issues that would be experienced at any middle school regardless of east/west location.

For those who believe the private school options are the solution to your expressed, anonymous woes, I offer additional perspective. I've observed that local private schools (at the middle school and high school levels) are not perfect either. If you believe area private schools are an infallible utopia of education and upright citizenry, then prepare to be disappointed.

Our second daughter attends JCHS and is having an enriching experience. My wife and I are very thankful for the educators who are contributing to her education. I commend the educators who are actively making a difference in the Jefferson City community, the whole community. I also commend Larry Linthacum and the comments he made recently in the Jan. 9 article addressing this matter.

I sympathize with those who expressed valid concerns around the logistics of changing schools, etc.; however, don't be naïve in thinking the status quo is perfect. We practically drove past TJMS to take our first daughter to LCMS which was three times farther away.

I'm concerned for our greater community when I read anonymous quotes that deviate from a rationality in judgement. I also question the possible lack in objectivity as biases are expressed in some of these same comments. Our community is better than this, or at least I thought it was.

Print Headline: Your Opinion: Saddened by school boundary comments


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