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Your Opinion: How can you justify your Biden vote?

January 16, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Curtis Thompson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Again I ask any voter for President Biden to justify that vote based upon the following. He goes to Georgia to support his party's voting bill that would take away states' constitutional rights to set their rules for voting, legalize ballot harvesting and mandate insecure mail-in voting while making illegal voter identification laws and at the same time accusing anyone who opposes that bill as wanting to re-institute Jim Crow laws. He compares such people to Jefferson Davis (president of the Confederacy), Bull Connor (police chief who used attack dogs and high-powered water hoses against civil rights demonstrators in the 1960s), and George Wallace (governor who said "Segregation yesterday, segregation today and segregation tomorrow"). What do the above four have in common? They were all Democrats or Democrat-created institutions.

How will his voters explain that Biden welcomed the praise of George Wallace, gave a eulogy at the funeral of Robert Byrd, a former Klan leader, and his administration supports the clearly racist tenets of critical race theory and wants those opposed to CRT treated as domestic terrorists?

Biden claims that the legislative filibuster is a "relic" of segregation, yet he supported it while in the Senate. While running for president he promised to not support abolishing it, which is just another broken promise from Biden. Moreover, at least 28 Democrats stated in 2017 that the legislative filibuster should be retained. He claims anyone who opposes abolishment of the filibuster is a racist, so that means these Democrats are racists, as must be all the Democrats in the Senate in 2020 because they used it over 300 times in that year.

Biden concentrates on trying to rig elections at a time when about 500,000 citizens have died from COVID-19 under his tenure, many more than in the prior year. Also, whatever happened to his promise to not leave any Americans behind in Afghanistan? There are still many stranded and Biden goes to Georgia to rig the vote rather than save lives. Meanwhile, his administration has sent $782 million to the Taliban since October 2021, including announcing another $308 billion this week.

Biden is sending money to the Taliban while shelves are empty in this country.

And then there is then unresolved southern border crisis.

I could go on but word limitation keeps me to these issues.

Who will dare defend these actions?

Print Headline: Your Opinion: How can you justify your Biden vote?


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