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Your Opinion: A new resolution for 2022

January 16, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

A new resolution for 2022

Shirley Gastineau

New Bloomfield

Dear Editor:

It is time for the usual New Year resolutions and I thought let's do it differently in 2022: Let's buy a Bible, one Bible, and give it to someone. Someone who may not have one or is lonesome or ill or maybe short of funds or may not be a believer of Jesus. They could also think a Bible is not really necessary in one's life.

It could be someone you may pass on the street and you could simply smile and pass it on to them. It could be a child who may take it home and someone in the house may get curious and wonder what that Bible says and read it. Who knows just how far this one Bible might travel? You could give it to a teacher at your child's school or to a friend at work or to a person at the post office. That one Bible could travel all over the world. And at night you will think of it and it will bring a smile to your face, and you may say when you close your eyes, "I wonder where that Bible is?"

And another idea is, what if we sent a truckload of Bibles to a crime city like Chicago and just passed them around? Not with a preacher on a street corner but by ordinary people to ordinary people. People one would meet on the street. Do you think this would help to wipe out this crime? Would it help to tell them that life is precious and that a family is needed to raise a child? And to tell them this Bible will explain that Jesus is waiting to be accepted as the One who loves them? A person with their arms loaded with Bibles could even wear a shirt that shows them the simple message they need to hear: "Put your gun away. Bibles are better than bullets." What if?

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