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Your Opinion: Support state employee pay raises

January 16, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Roger Schwartze,

Board chair, Active & Retired Missouri State Employees

Dear Editor:

It's time to act in support of Missouri's state employees!

Governor Mike Parson has proposed a plan to improve salaries for state employees who have been among the lowest paid in the nation for many years. Legislative leaders should act swiftly in support of the efforts.

Throughout the state, Missouri taxpayers deserve a state government that operates efficiently and effectively. This can only be accomplished by attracting qualified individuals and retaining those who have knowledge of and experience in the services provided.

ARMSE encourages legislative leaders to support the budget adjustments needed to make the governor's proposal move forward immediately. The state workforce is in dire need of competitive salaries and financial support for the services provided to all Missourians. The salary proposal deserves swift action and support from our legislators.

ARMSE applauds the governor for his leadership to help increase state employees' salaries to make them competitive with the current market. Setting a $15 per hour minimum will help even though there are businesses in the area offering $21 per hour today. We realize there will be some hard-to-fill positions that will require even more. The proposed 5.5 percent increase in pay will also help employees deal with our current inflation. The proposed pay plan would be a wonderful boost to the local economy as well.

There are two actions you can take to help this cause.

1. Contact your elected officials to make sure they understand your position and expectations of their leadership regarding state employees.

2. Join ARMSE and know that your membership helps fight the fight.

Check us out on Facebook and also visit our website where you can join online at

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