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Your Opinion: Which America do you want?

by Gerry Tritz | January 8, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The mainstream media describes the Republican Party as killing democracy, yet we stand for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We believe in the sovereignty of America and want borders protected against a tsunami of non-English speakers, often infected and deadly drugs. We want our own energy sources, not dependence on OPEC. We believe in the rule of law and criminals should be punished. In elections, there must be voter ID and annual purging of voter rolls. Ballot harvesting, mass mailout balloting, very early voting and taxpayer funding of federalized elections should never be allowed! We're against mandating vaccines/boosters, especially to children, as they don't prevent virus infection.

Democrats support Black Lives Matter protesters who burned cities and businesses throughout the country, funded their release, yet no one was held accountable. They started sanctuary cities, no-bail policies, ignored snatch-and- grab thieves and promoted releasing all prisoners, while defunding police and removing their immunity from prosecution. They shut down schools indefinitely, teach critical race theory and anti-America lies, promote equity to destroy education and make children their pawns. Dems opened borders to millions of illegals to fast-track citizenship and give them voting rights to ensure their "power" over citizens forever. They don't care about the cost to taxpayers, the crime soaring in their states or inflation with outrageous spending -- paying people's childcare, rent and payments not to work. Their vaccine mandates have devastated the military, airline industry, hospitals, small businesses and citizens, who have died from the jabs! Plus, Putin, of Russia, Xi Jinping, of China, and Rouhani, of Iran, know Biden is weak!

Democrats' pre-2020 election ideas were to stack the Supreme Court with liberal judges, eliminate the filibuster and Electoral College, make Puerto Rico and D.C. states and they're pursuing those initiatives now! Supposedly, they describe themselves as the party saving democracy. Which America do you want to live in?

U.S. Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks said on Laura Ingraham on Jan. 4 the anti-Trump Select Committee is altering evidence, fired long-standing employees Jan. 7, 2020, who told the truth. (Watch YouTube). Dems will use hysteria and lies attempting to win the 2022 midterms. While Big Tech globalists silence conservatives' dissenting views. For truth turn to Fox News, the No. 1 cable news outlet for six years, while mainstream media is just garbage in, garbage out!

Print Headline: Your Opinion: Which America do you want?


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