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YOUR OPINION: Inconvenient truths

December 1, 2022 at 3:15 a.m.

Wanda Roam, Jefferson City

Dear Editor,

I have chosen to share parts of the "Give Him 15" devotional for Nov. 23, which is so applicable:

"We have seen progress in America's journey back toward our roots. Conservatives now have a majority on the Supreme Court; we have seen the reversal of the evilest ruling our nation has ever enacted, Roe versus Wade; our education system has now been exposed as the indoctrination agency it is; parents have been awakened and are making a stand; evil in our government, including hypocrisy, dishonesty, greed and antichrist ideologies, continues to be exposed; the media is no longer trusted; conservatives took back the House; entire states are turning to conservatism; and most of all, the Ekklesia is growing, "appeals to heaven" are multiplying.

Now, for some of the "not so encouraging" reality I alluded to earlier. Election cycles are obviously very good indicators of where we are as a nation. Millions of Americans, knowing the left is making a horrible mess of many things, nevertheless voted for them again. Liberal agendas, government handouts, loan forgiveness promises, the enabling of rebellion, woke lies, love of self over babies (abortion), party loyalty and more, were too enticing, even though over 70 percent of Americans said they were unhappy with or concerned about the direction of our nation. Those who voted for this cannot feign ignorance. They know the left is mutilating children in the name of transgenderism. They know sexual perverts are dancing for kindergartners in attempts to seduce them into homosexuality and amoral lifestyles. They know parents are persecuted for objecting to this.

They know it is stupid to shut down the production of our natural energy resources, while begging our enemies to supply us with the same. According to Brandon Judd, National Border Patrol Council president, there have been a million "gottaways" since Biden took office. Americans will die from their terrorism, gang activities, murders and drugs. Humans will be trafficked; women will be raped. Ninety-six percent of fentanyl comes through our southern border, killing a hundred thousand Americans every year.

In 2020 and 2022, Americans were offered more relief from the ravages of leftism. Many voted for this change, but many others chose instead to trust those with antichrist, immoral, socialistic and leftist ideologies. Even some Christian leaders jumped on the Woke Train.

Now it's time to "pay the piper."

Facts are an inconvenient truth.

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