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MODOT considers bus connecting Columbia, Jefferson City

by Anna Watson | August 25, 2022 at 4:02 a.m.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is collecting data on what bringing people from Jefferson City to Columbia would look like.

The department released a survey this week to assess Missourians' needs, with details regarding three preliminary phases.

The purview of the project was brought forth after a regional study into the state's major "hubs" revealed a lack of transportation between two of its larger cities along U.S. 63 -- the state capital and its more populous, northern neighbor, Columbia -- the department said.

It cited a number of economic characteristics bringing project purpose to the region, stating: "This region is a fast-growing area with several cities, home to at least four major universities in addition to numerous state agencies and large employers, which result in significant numbers of daily commuters between the two cities."

The department named the Amtrak station in Jefferson City, Columbia's regional airport and Greyhound services as potential contributors to providing additional travel candidates, but also cited the lack of sufficient service providing travel solely between the two communities.

Jefferson City's population declined 0.5 percent last year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, while Columbia's increased nearly 1 percent. The latest census recorded 43,228 people living in Jefferson City and 126,254 people living in Columbia. Both cities offer a public service and para-transit service within cities boundaries. Jefferson's fixed-route service cost $1; Columbia's service is free.

The project so far is called the Jefferson City-Columbia Express Bus Route. Phase one sought to develop goals and collect background information.

Phase two, the current phase, is seeking public input through a survey. The 21-question survey asks about personal demographics and for information on where people live and work. Other questions ask what days of the week a bus service would be most desirable or how much someone is willing to pay for a one-way ticket. The final question of the survey provides a space for write-in suggestions.

The third phase will assess feedback and plan any implementation service. The survey is available at:

Print Headline: MODOT considers bus connecting Columbia, Jefferson City


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