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Your Opinion: Bill must account for transgenders in prison

April 24, 2022 at 3:50 a.m.

Harold Horstmann


Dear Editor:

Referring to the News Tribune Our Opinion article published April 14: "The importance of family, even in prison;" I agree with the intent of Senate Bill 834 as described in the article, however I feel that there may be related unintended consequences which should be addressed, debated and acted upon before passage.

My concerns are based on an April 13 article by Sandy Malone: "Two Female Inmates Impregnated By Transgender Female Inmates." A quote from the article: "The Edna Mahan Correctional Facility, an all-women's state prison, began housing transgender women in 2021 as part of the settlement of a lawsuit filed by a transgender inmate and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Daily Mail reported."

I also refer to a article on May 18, 2020, by Diana Shaw: "'Transgender' Inmates Sexually Assault, Rape Female Inmates at a Shocking Rate, Ministry of Justice Reveals." Quotes from the article: "The United Kingdom Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has revealed that inmates who identify as transgender are responsible for a rate of sexual attacks that is exponentially higher than their proportion of the population of women's jails and prisons. The Daily Mail estimates that "although trans women make up about one per cent of the 3,600 female jail population, they are to blame for 5.6 per cent of sexual assaults there."

Considering the consequences these two articles expose, it should be evidence enough to require the inclusion of a requirement as a part of Senate Bill 834 that all women's prisons establish separate quarters for trans women before implementation.

I feel it's time for Missouri to legislatively stop all intrusion by transgenders into our culture whereby they disrupt our God-created natural course of events in life. Now their agenda is to indoctrinate our youngest children by teaching them to question their sexuality. They have also infiltrated women's sports such that women may not fairly compete. Are we now going to allow them to rape and impregnate women in our prisons and then expect us to provide care for their illegitimate offspring?

It's my firm belief that all Americans are free to live the lifestyle they choose, but for any person to force their unnatural lifestyle on another is wrong. It should not be tolerated in a civil society and protection should always be in place from those who choose to deviate from God's biblical creative intent and His laws!

Print Headline: Bill must account for transgenders in prison


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