Your Opinion: Vendetta to destroy Greitens

Harold Horstmann


Dear Editor:

It's time to decide whether to pay the almost $297 for a yearly subscription to the NT, which holds me captive to the only local print news available while I feel subsidizes Democrat Party propaganda disguised as national news.

The prosperity of the 1950s spawned a thirst for wealth, power and a turn to socialism. This has turned America's direction away from God and to government as our protector. I now feel God has abandoned America to the evil immorality and corruption in retribution for America's abandonment of Him.

I feel the News Tribune is a contributor to this cultural development to this humanistic environment we Bible-believing Christians are forced to tolerate. I say this because of the almost daily hypocrisy by violation of their "Statement of Core Values." For the purpose of this letter, I refer specifically to: "impartiality is the greatest source of credibility" and "there needs to be a sharp distinction between news and opinion." It seems virtually all NT national news violate these two maxims.

It seems the NT business plan to survive financially in today's world requires it must conform to the acceptance and promotion of the corrupt and immoral direction dictated by the Marxist Democrat Party. I feel this started after the election of Barack Obama in 2008 whereby an unholy alliance was formed between the Democrat political regime and the mainstream media.

With the growth of social media, it has become the new normal to destroy any individual who does not conform to the Marxist ideology of the Democrat Party. There is no fear of any serious consequences to any distortion and or lies to promote the "woke" Marxist ideology. Because of the upcoming election the NT now is seemingly doubling down on the destruction of any conservative candidate and to support any and all leftist Democrat Party candidates.

The latest example: The NT seemingly has launched a political vendetta to personally destroy Republican senatorial candidate Eric Greitens, a Rhodes Scholar and decorated Navy Seal. A March 30 half-page A6 quasi campaign ad for wealthy heiress Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine was published which included a set up for a full page April 6 page A6 hit piece the intent of which was clearly to indict Greitens in the court of public opinion to assist in his election defeat.

God protect our constitutional guarantees and protections!

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