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Your Opinion: Biden has to go

March 23, 2021 at 5:05 a.m. | Updated March 23, 2021 at 2:47 p.m.

Clayton Hill

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Whether the current administration is governing legitimately or not is not the issue now. A constitutional crisis exists. Who is actually making decisions? It is obvious Biden is not. He has clearly demonstrated a lack of function, cognitive blunder and fear of exposure should he venture too far from written text. He, even before elected, lacked the mental capacity and wherewithal to competently lead this country to the oath he swore.

Last week, Biden incoherently could not even recall the defense secretary's name. He has not accomplished the constitutionally required State of the Union congressional address. He has not even had a legitimate press conference. Jen Psaki is covering for him as Harris coaches from his "corner." The 25th Amendment must be instigated immediately - and that process will take at least a month.

Evoking the 25th Amendment would trigger the removal of the sitting occupant of the White House. I don't think that process will bring any radical improvements, but is a start that may actually stop "real triggers" from returning our country to the prescribed constitutional republic afforded by our founding documents and early patriots.

As the judiciary, and the Supreme Court in particular, has failed to execute the constitutional oversight as a "check" on the other two branches of our government, I wonder if there are other means to affect change - besides elections. It is obvious to me - and probably more citizens than you can imagine - that executive orders and the "train wreck" Congress are unconstitutionally accomplishing acts contrary to the best interests of we citizens and our national sovereignty.

In fact, I believe actions are treasonous and tyrannical. Article II requires the president to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution (enemies - foreign and domestic inferred). The actions and results of executive orders and congressional party-line legislation are reason enough to rid current control of our government. The economic well-being has been trashed with the stop of pipelines and border walls, gas prices are skyrocketing in favor of special interests and Mideast competition and unchecked illegal immigration is eroding our sovereignty and causing immediate health and security crises - particularly at border states, and the orders implement climate accords affront the country's economic viability. These are but a few.

Maybe a constitutional scholar such as Sen. Ted Cruz or a federal judge could reason "sua sponte" action as cause and remedy of this crisis we must eliminate.

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