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Your Opinion: Dems will destroy America

January 22, 2021 at 6:05 a.m. | Updated January 22, 2021 at 11:50 a.m.

Daniel Kliethermes

New Bloomfield

Dear Editor:

Democrats will destroy America!

This country is being destroyed by power-grabbing Democrats who are only in Washington to steal the American dreamed from people who have worked all their lives and paid their share of taxes just so when they retire they can live for the most part in comfort. In my opinion, now that the Democrats will be in the White House, we will see our retirement and America's paychecks being taxed higher along with medical insurance when Biden brings back Obamacare. In my opinion, this was the biggest mistake that was ever made, and my doctor opted out of Obamacare when it was established knowing it was a big mistake. Now, other doctors are asking how can they can get out of it.

Oh, if anybody doesn't know, politicians in Washington don't fall under Obamacare; they have what is called universal health care, which is separate insurance from what we have and has nothing to do with Obamacare. In my opinion, none of them read all of the Obamacare act before they signed, knowing it would not affect them and did not even give it a second thought, knowing the backlash that would come from the president and their own constituents. Obama was, in my opinion, the worst president in history, and with help from Pelosi and Schumer, they destroyed America. Now, we got another Democratic president whose son is being investigated for dealing with China and Ukraine making millions of dollars. In my opinion, Pelosi and Schumer, along with fellow Democrats, will get Biden off the hook. We better look out for ourselves the next four years because Democrats and the rest of the swamp in Washington don't care until election year and then they will lie to us again.

Also, I commend President Trump for not signing the 2021 fiscal budget because there are a lot of pork projects that are unnecessary, along with giving other nations money instead of helping our own hard-working Americans during this pandemic. Think of this country first. Don't write your politicians because they don't care what you think and they don't even recognize their constituents until it is election time. How sad this country has got and will get even worse.

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