Your Opinion: LTE wrong on CRT

Curtis Thompson

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Falsehoods got past the paper's fact-checkers and once again it was a liberal's letter the paper printed with false statements in it.

First, the letter claimed Attorney General Schmitt "is the black knight battling 'evil' COVID-19 vaccinations." Our attorney general is battling vaccine mandates and not vaccines. To learn the difference, go back to sixth-grade English class.

The letter also stated, "critical race theory is not part of any Missouri high school curriculum." The paper and the author must not be aware Springfield School District is defending refusing to produce documents that show its teaching of CRT and our very own AG Schmitt is suing to force production of them.

A video released this summer showed Francis Howell School District conducted seminars for teachers on how to teach CRT while trying to hide that training from parents. A University of Missouri professor conducted that seminar, explaining how "teachers could do away with verbiage like 'white privilege,' while still getting the progressive message across to students." One teacher stated in the video "I don't advertise to my students when I'm teaching U.S. history that sometimes I would consider myself the anti-U.S. history teacher."

The Missouri Times identified other districts teaching CRT or its underlying tenets included Clayton, Lindbergh, Springfield, Lee's Summit, Webster Groves, Rockwood, Kansas City, Wentzville, Hillsboro, Kirkwood and Ladue. Likely there are many others. Columbia partnered with the Pulitzer Project to award extra compensation to teachers who incorporate 1619 Project, an offspring to CRT, into their curriculum. The 1619 Project, a corollary to CRT, contains more lies about the founding of this nation.

Jefferson City School District spent more than $100,000 training more than 80 staffers on the tenets of CRT. No board member has denied the training costs, although one falsely claimed no local taxes were used to pay for any of the training. No board member has addressed the spending of this money at a board meeting; in fact, they refuse to even allow speakers to address that funding at its meetings. They don't justify it, they don't refute they spent this money, and they don't allow taxpayers to raise it at meetings. They are like Sargent Schultz: "I know nothing!"

Board members should announce publicly whether they will stop this indoctrination. When they don't, parents tell the board to stop imposing this doctrine.