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Jefferson City government receives clean financial audit

by Michael Shine | April 28, 2021 at 5:05 a.m. | Updated April 28, 2021 at 10:24 a.m.
The seal of the City of Jefferson hangs in the council chambers at the John G. Christy Municipal Building, also known as city hall, in Jefferson City.

Jefferson City has received a clean audit for Fiscal Year 2020.

The city released its yearly financial report Tuesday for FY 2020 - Nov. 1, 2019, through Oct. 31, 2020. Independent auditor Evers and Company gave the city a clean audit.

The city's total revenue decreased about $100,000 from approximately $50.2 million in FY 2019 to $50.1 million in FY 2020.

Revenue from the city's 7.725 percent sales tax made up a majority of income for the city at approximately $25.3 million in FY 2020, another increase from previous years.

Property tax revenue increased slightly by about $13,000 to $5.57 million.

Utility/franchise taxes - the city's second-largest revenue generator - decreased for the second year in a row. The city brought in $6.69 million in 2019 and $6.21 million in 2020.

Intergovernmental revenue saw a slight decrease in 2020 after increasing by more than $2 million the year before, from nearly $5.8 million in 2019 to $5.7 million in 2020. In 2018, it brought in approximately $3.6 million.

Fines and forfeitures and utility/franchise taxes decreased, and sales tax, license, permits and fees, and intergovernmental revenues increased.

The city also saw an increase in airport revenue - from $300,084 in 2019 to $375,787 in 2020.

The city's total expenditures also increased in FY 2020 from $50.6 million to $55.9 million. Every category besides general government increased, with capital outlay increasing the most - from $10.4 million to $14.5 million.

The city's largest expenditure was public safety at approximately $18.4 million.

General government expenditures decreased from $6.3 million to $6.2 million.

The city's total debt increased by about $2.3 million. The outstanding debt is now $56,764,851.

The increase is due to the issuance of a new sewerage system refunding revenue bond principal in the amount of $5.62 million and the retirement of sewerage system revenue bond principal in the amount of $9.91 million. It also included the issuance of a new parks special obligation bond principal in the amount of $7.3 million, the retirement of a parks special obligation bond principal of $325,000 and the payment of lease principal for a fire apparatus in the amount of $314,326.

The report also includes operating statistics for the city.

In FY 2020, the Jefferson City Police Department received 46,478 calls for service, down from 57,423 in 2019.

The number of crimes reported decreased from 3,925 to 3,412.

The Jefferson City Fire Department responded to 5,056 calls in 2020, a decrease from 5,191 in 2019.

The city issued 3,023 residential building permits and 522 commercial permits in 2020, an increase from 394 residential and 203 commercial in 2019.

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