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Your opinion: Thank you, NY grand jury

September 5, 2020 at 5:05 a.m. | Updated September 5, 2020 at 5:05 a.m.

David Awbrey

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

In an earlier letter to the editor about how President Trump is doing, I wrote about a New York issue involving potential financial violations of New York law.

Since I wrote that, Deutsche Bank has turned over all of Trump’s financial records to the grand jury. As of Friday evening, Aug. 21, a federal appeals court has denied Trump’s appeal to keep his tax records from being turned over as well and not deciding itself what to do until Sept. 1 unless the Supreme Court enters the fray.

While I do not know how this is going to play out I can’t state how happy I am that a New York State grand jury is handling this and not the federal government. One reason is President Trump with Republican Sen. Mitch Mc Connell, of Kentucky, help has put 200 judges on Federal District, Appeals and the Supreme Court. Being a New York State judicial matter, I can‘t see how any of his friends outside of New York will be able to help.

If someday a New York judicial court rules against him, I will quietly sing the words to a famous song, whose words goes as follows: “Bad boy, bad boy, what’s you going do to do, what’s you going to do when they come for youuuuuu … ?” All defendants are innocent until proven in a court of law — to which I add the following words, “and all appeals are exhausted.”

Remember President Clinton. If it hadn’t been for Senate Democrats, he would have been found guilty just as the Senate Republicans saved Trump, tit for tat as far as I am concerned. But in the case of President Clinton, he pleaded guilty to one count on his last day as president, paid a fine and surrendered his Arkansas Law License never to practice law again. I suspect there are Democrats who would kind of prefer he would just disappear as they are trying to appear righteous now.

It finally hit me what has happened to the Republican Party. They got taken over by the rank and file of the Tea Party who were standing holding their Assault Rifles in camouflage costumes proclaiming their version of freedom.

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