Your Opinion: One World Order removing freedoms, controlling lives

Charlotte Schnieders

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

The Bilderberg Group of government, business, and financial leaders have worked for generations to have "One World Order" (OWO) where they remove our freedoms and control our lives! They use a Marxist technique to first create a crisis- a pandemic, followed by a panicked population, awaiting the solution of more government control. But who stands in their way?

Trump wanted to make America great, stop the global agenda, secure U.S. borders, stop man-made climate hoax, stop paying bills for the United Nations and NATO and have international fair trade for America. The OWO had to destroy Trump!

Bill Gates and George Soros are OWO leaders. Both are heavily invested in China pharmaceuticals and Soros in news outlets in America.

In January 2017, Gates forms the "Coalition for epidemic preparedness invocation" (CEPEI) collaborating with Norway, India, Japan and Germany and medical groups: Inovio, Moderna, Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA) and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) led by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In November 2019, Gates puts out a Netflix movie called Pandemic about a Chinese virus leaving millions dead! Plan? Jan. 7, 2020, China reports coronavirus in Wuhan. Jan. 20-24 Gates announced a CEPEI virus vaccine partnered with Inovio, Moderna, NIAID. Jan. 24 U.S. House started drafting coronavirus stimulus, CARES ACT while Senate has an ultra-secret briefing. Jan. 30, WHO announced a public health emergency with just 150 cases. Feb. 4, CDC announces all infections, flu cases, pneumonia etc. will be reported as COVID-19 cases - numbers drastically increase! March, Fauci writes in Journal of Medicine that virus is "nothing." Yet, he goes on TV and predicts 2-2.5 million Americans will die, setting off a panic. Fauci's data comes from University of WA funded by Gates.

Mid-March WHO announces global pandemic and Moderna gives patients in Seattle vaccine that Fauci said would take 1-2 years to develop.

March 31 Gates writes that economy should be shut down till the end of June. Democrats extended date, crashing capitalism, losing over 30 million jobs, people's life savings, children removed from schools, while the government takes control of our lives and businesses. A Georgia congressman wrote: COVID-19 is a manufactured crisis to deceive people to accept a radically different way of living called socialism! Google: Breitbart, The Hill, or Judicial Watch OWO. Trump can and will fix this!