Priest accused of misconduct resigns position

In this April 2011 News Tribune file photo, the Rev. Mark Porterfield is shown standing between pews at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in St. Thomas, Mo. Porterfield resigned his position as pastor at St. Martin Catholic Church in St. Martins on June 30, 2020, after the Diocese of Jefferson City determined that allegations of misconduct against him involving a former church employee were "credible" but could not be corroborated.

Although allegations against a Catholic priest from the Diocese of Jefferson City could not be corroborated, he has agreed to resign as pastor of a Mid-Missouri parish.

The Rev. Mark Porterfield, who was pastor at St. Martin Catholic Church in St. Martins, was accused of misconduct involving a former adult employee.

His resignation as pastor is effective today.

"After a thorough investigation conducted by independent investigators, the allegation of misconduct could not be corroborated," according to a diocese announcement made this weekend at the parish.

The diocese placed Porterfield on administrative leave in early 2019. He has regained his priestly faculties, which is the permission a bishop gives to a priest to perform sacraments.

"It was determined that the allegation was credible, but it could not be corroborated," diocesan Director of Communications Helen Osman said.

Porterfield no longer has any assignments. He has agreed to go through a program of renewal before Bishop W. Shawn McKnight issues him any new assignment.

"Father Porterfield's resignation is a sign of his concern for the parish," McKnight said in a statement to the parish. "I am grateful for his recognition of the need to move forward."

Any person who believes he or she has been the victim of misconduct involving a priest or deacon of the diocese is encouraged to contact law enforcement officials and the victim assistance coordinator for the diocese, Nancy Hoey, at [email protected] or 573-694-3199.

The Rev. Jason Doke, who was filling in during Porterfield's administrative leave, will now be installed as pastor at St. Martin parish.

Allegations made against deceased priest

These actions come days after the Archdiocese of St. Louis informed the Jefferson City diocese it had found substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct involving minors by the Rev. John C. Condit. The archdiocese did not give further details regarding the allegations.

Condit served at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Taos from 1977-97 and also at Sedalia, Boonville and Fayette parishes over about five years. However, the allegations are possibly from when he served as a military chaplain before 1973, according to the Diocese of Jefferson City. He remained a priest in the archdiocese but said after he left the military, he wanted to be closer to family in Mid-Missouri.

The Jefferson City diocese has never had any allegations brought against him, Osman said.

Condit died in 1994.