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Your Opinion: Abortion bill merely window dressing

May 25, 2019 at 5:05 a.m. | Updated May 25, 2019 at 5:05 a.m.

Linda Wenzlick

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

Well the legislature has gone and done it. The long-awaited law to ban abortions in Missouri has passed, and aren’t we proud? But the reality here is that it is just window dressing. We know that there were abortions before Roe was decided and if it is repealed abortions will continue. Women who have the right connections, the right amount of money, will still be able to access this procedure. Women who do not, will not. The GOP has made Planned Parenthood synonymous with abortion, and so they think if it is defunded access will stop. Federal dollars do not fund abortions. That portion of the clinics are funded privately. But they also do exams, help women with birth control, breast exams and more. Yes, this will eliminate the access for poor women. They are the low-hanging fruit and therefore easy to trounce into oblivion.

What happens in those situations where a fetus is not viable or will die shortly after birth? Shouldn’t these situations be between the woman and her doctor? Does government belong here?

A friend mentioned other facts that demonstrate that this is just a big scam. Where is the legislation about embryos in fertility clinics? If heartbeat is the standard for life then there should be prohibition surrounding life support to create an artificial heartbeat in anyone? Don’t fathers have some culpability? What happens when violence forced the pregnancy upon a woman, a child? We have seen stories over and over again where rapists get no jail time, acquittal or probation. Where are the special circumstances for causing such a pregnancy, or is it just another “boys will be boys” situation?

Let’s see what programs these folks are going to bring forth for these families; fully funded quality child care, quality affordable housing, a livable minimum wage should all be part of this legislation because that’s “Pro Life!”

Here’s their unspoken words. These folks want abortion to stop because they equate those getting them as engaging in a sexually promiscuous lifestyle, and these holier than thou “pro-lifers” are darn well going to put a stop to that! Except that we know if truth be told, many of them are actually in that same boat. And their next foray into legislative “adjustments” is to eliminate insurance coverage for birth control. It’s time to lift the curtain on their hypocrisy!

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