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Braun Storage continues tornado cleanup as family prepares temporary auto repair shop

by Emily Cole | June 23, 2019 at 5:05 a.m. | Updated June 28, 2019 at 3:32 p.m.
Donnie Braun & Sons Auto Repair at 2900 Renns Lake Road continues repair work of damages caused by the tornado that hit Jefferson City May 22, 2019. Sircal Contracting was hired to reconstruct and build new buildings for the business.

Of the many Jefferson City area businesses affected by the May 22 tornado, the destruction at Braun Storage may have affected the most people.

While not all of Braun's more than 200 units were damaged, many were, Alan Braun said.

"Some people are finding a lot of their stuff still in their totes. But people over in the 1200 building, a lot of their stuff is totally damaged," Braun said.

As the one-month anniversary of the tornado approaches, Braun said they are still focused on cleanup and have a way to go before they can even think about recovery.

However, construction recently began on a temporary shop so Donnie Braun & Sons Auto Repair, at the same location, can reopen. Braun said they hope to have the shop up and running in about two months.

He said it took a while before some people could even get to their belongings at the storage facility, and some people are still coming to get things.

"They couldn't get to them before," he said. "One of the units had a big chunk of building laying all on top and in front of it, so all of those people couldn't access their doors until we got all of that debris removed. Some of that, we couldn't even remove until some people got their belongings out where there was a building. So it's been a methodical process getting people to their belongings and trying to recover what was salvageable for them."

What personal items weren't destroyed or lost in the initial storm have received some further damage from being exposed to rain, Braun said. Those who had their belongings stored in plastic totes or bags were able to salvage more.

Braun said while they insure the buildings for damage, it is up to the renters to insure their belongings, and they have learned after the tornado's devastation that many people never did.

In the meantime, the business is operating out of a trailer on the 2900 Renns Lake Road location and attempting to catch up on paperwork, billing statements and insurance.

Print Headline: Braun Storage continues tornado cleanup as family prepares temporary auto repair shop


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