Sam’s Club employee charged with stealing thousands from store

A Jefferson City woman has been charged with stealing more than $8,000 from the Jefferson City Sam’s Club store over a span of three months.

Somer M. Nichols, 21, was charged with stealing — a class D felony — on Monday in Cole County Circuit Court.

Sam’s Club employees contacted the Jefferson City Police Department on the afternoon of Nov. 16, 2018, with regards to a theft, according to a JCPD probable cause statement.

The responding officer was told by employees that Nichols, also a Sam’s Club employee, had been stealing from the store by making returns from Sam’s Club members’ purchases and refunding the money to gift cards, as well as her own personal debit card.

The amount stolen totaled $8,045 taken over the last three months, employees told police.

Nichols allegedly admitted to stealing the money after being read her rights and stated, “‘I just don’t have the money’ and ‘I have another child on the way and just wasn’t thinking.’”

Nichols was arrested in November but was released pending charges because she was 8½ months pregnant with medical complications that made her unfit for jail.

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