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Your Opinion: GOP steamroller goes to extremes

by Lawrence Wansing, Meta | May 31, 2015 at 2:50 p.m. | Updated May 31, 2015 at 2:50 p.m.

Dear Editor:

Members of this extremely Republican Missouri Legislature are bragging about how successful this session was. They used their steamroller tactics at will but yet they failed to even pass the three most important pieces of legislation facing this state.

Gas tax. With their extreme majority they should have been able to pass legislation to solve the funding crisis this state is in. But they're going to let our roads and bridges crumble and the blame is all on them.

They continue to let two billion of our tax dollars on the table while denying 300,000 Missourians access to health care, many of which are veterans. That could have prevented the closing of hospitals in Missouri as well as providing 50,000 jobs. And it's all because their extreme hate for President Obama and the ACA.

Ethics reform and God only knows how much it is needed after this legislative session. After Tom Schweich announced for governor, he said he wanted to straighten out this Republican mess in the Missouri Legislature. But I guess he saw it as being so hopeless he just committed suicide instead. And just a few days ago the speaker of the House did the unthinkable and had to resign. But their main concern is to give their wealthy contributors more tax breaks and give the rest of Missourians little to nothing.

It was quite evident in the way they steamrollered the governor after he vetoed the legislation that will devastate the poor and less fortunate.

All they seem concerned about is their rich and powerful contributors (Sinquefield et al) while the rest of Missourians can sit on the outside and look in. And I'm sure they are intent to keep that steamroller rolling right along and just continue to bash the poor, the middle class and those less fortunate many who are working two jobs for minimum wages already.

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