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The transformation program is to try and help with economic development and the re-vitalization of Jefferson City. Our community has been stuck in the Mayberry Syndrom for far too long. It's time to shake things up and we have a pro-active Chamber and the elected officials in place to make things happen. With the loss of jobs in the manufacturing and home building sectors we have to do something to bring jobs to our area while making it a better community for the next generation to live in. The investment of $40 million in our community alone will create a wealth of jobs to help ease our unemployment numbers. It will open up areas for economic development that aren't accessible at the present time. It will increase parking in the downtown area which will spur more commercial developments and residential too. Right now most of the 2nd floor space in the buildings on the north side of High Street can't be developed because there isn't enough water pressure for those areas to meet the fire code requirements for sprinkler systems. When St. Marys moves they will leave in place a building of over 300,000 sq ft of space that no developer will be interested in. With Lincoln's interest in expanding their Nursing program and adding a culinary school it will help populate this area that might then entice a developer to come in and do something with the rest of the space. This will add teaching jobs and the ripple effect will be felt in all areas - housing, construction and local business traffic in all retail establishments. The Prison is one of our only few attractions that has potential for future growth and development. It brought in over 17,000 people to that arttraction last year and it will continue to increase in popularity. It has to be saved. And the state can't or won't do it. Their funds are stretched to the max. As far as the convention center, it is another potential revenue generator. Only people outside the hotel business have trouble seeing the potential. It just needs to be sized correctly to make it work. When you have smaller communities around the state that have larger event spaces than the Capitol City, that's just really sad. As far as accountability, there will be a 5 member board and the projects approved by this board will have to be approved by the City Council. So there is your accountability. And if it costs me 1/2 cent per dollar to ensure our communities future then I'm all for it. Heck, most people throw more pennies in the penny pot at the quickie mart during the month than what a they will pay out in tax for most things. So I say let's support it for our communities development. Let Aunt Bee RIP!!!!

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Your Opinion: Tax proponents need reality check

A reality check is in order for the City Council and Chamber of Commerce. Their dreams of transforming uptown is ludicrous.


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