Tell Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to stop violating 10 amendment

Tell Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to stop Violating the 10 amendment

Tell Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to STOP Violating The Tenth Amendment In which Matt Blunt put into Law.

Click this link and read the post. Than call, Email, Or Fax to his office and ask him to stop. All the contact information to his office is listed in the link below. If you cannot not click the link than just highlight copy and paste into the address bar of you internet browser. Thank you so much for doing so. God Bless you and your Family.



ConsumerRights 4 years, 9 months ago

Than Missouri Governor Matt Blunt made a deal with the U.S Depart Of Justice to release Medical Records of Missouri Citizens which are sealed as Private information this is personal private information and cannot be released without your written consent.

The U.S Dept Of Justice cannot Enforce the State Of Missouri to release such information which was stuck down by Supreme Court 5-4, In which they said Violate's the Tenth Amendment. So the U.S Dept Of Justice told Missouri if they release such information they would receive in return Federal Grant Money.

So Matt Blunt decided to do so. It Violates The Tenth Amendment of ALL Missouri Citizens. It's time Governor Jay Nixon to do the right thing and turn back the WRONG that Matt Blunt did.

Everyday since 2007 is another day your RIGHTS have been Violated. I would say if the State is sued over thing Violation, They could have to pay for each day since 2007. Go to the website link which has all the contact information for the Governor and tell him too stop this Violation now. Four years is too long already.

Thank you and God Bless


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