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You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Big, care, charm, disgust, dust, harm, high, there.

"Our" Constitution! By L. Don Oliver

It once was a beautiful document, That was gracefully written __; And through all it's many years. It was giving great love and _;

Once it contain words of "Freedom", Words that resonated toward the __, Gathered within its wisdom, was hope, But alas, those days have gone ;

Now we are told to tear it up, Rendering it into a pile of _; Viewing it as a pathetic relic, Worthy of only their __;

The meaning for which it stood, Now archaic with no __; They are scripting a new one, That will never cause them _;

Prvious Poem.

Seeds of the Unwanted! By L. Don Oliver

Snow melts and the rain falls, Turning the fields to a lustrous green; The life giving sun says good night, And the flickering stars are seen;

A seed is planted, Young shoots arise; An egg shell is broken, A young songbird flies;

Alas, the unwanted in the womb, The future is not theirs to see; They call out in great despair, "Who will cry for me";

For those of whom, Would not kill a fly; Have no real pity, When the unborn die;

With every loss, Is someone's pain; With every success, Is another ones gain;

For all that once was, And then ceased to be; They will never receive, Another new opportunity;

Thank you Heavenly Being, For your words that bless; That welcome the unwanted, With love and tenderness;


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