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Swampyville's - Our Archaic "Bill of Rights"!

From The Swampyville Gazette! OUR ARCHAIC "BILL OF RIGHTS"! Being Facetious! (Of course, we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow!) I for one, feel that we should have a Constitutional Convention and rewrite the current archaic "Bill of Rights" (First Ten Amendments to the United States Constitution)! Help, the ...

Swampyville's - Beware of the "Geriatric Virus"!

From the Swampyville Gazette! "BEWARE!!!" of the "Geriatric Virus"! Swampyville's - Facetiously Speaking? The Geriatric Virus! The Geriatric Virus is a costly disease that afflicts those who reach the age of 62. The Geriatrics Virus is incurable and the only way to prevent it from occurring, is to euthanize those ...