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Why there's no planned "Freedom Flotilla" to Syria?

There is no Jewish State there and Syria's Oil shipments to Europe are declining! In fact, Syria imports more oil than they export! Syria produced 213 billion cubic feet of natural gas, and is expected to double its gas production. While some of it is exported, Syria's natural gas is used in reinjection for oil recovery (more lucrative than natural gas) and for domestic electricity generation.

It is, of course, less attractive for a "Freedom Flotilla" for a number of reasons. One is that Syrian security forces are more likely to blow this flotilla out of the water. Your average peace activists who might try sailing to the rescue of Syria’s beleaguered demonstrators are more likely to get obliterated instead of detained and then repatriated (The way that the Israelis did).
A “Freedom Flotilla” aiming to draw world attention to Syria might actually end up striking a blow for freedom, instead of scoring a propaganda coup. But I'm not holding my breath, "Freedom" is not what these Flotilla's are all about! The Syrian government has been in bed with Progressive Nations such as Russia, China, Iran and India for years!

In that there is no Jewish State to destroy in Syria, dwindling of oil supplies and that this is mainly a Muslim versus Muslim (Not Muslim versus Jew), with only 10% of the Syrian population Christian, there is no "Justification" for a "Freedom Flotilla" to Syria!

However, another "Freedom Flotilla" is being planned for the Gaza Strip!

As can be seen by the following media releases, the United Nations and NATO aren't too anxious to get involved in Syria's problems.
There's nothing there to exploit!

Reuters Article - May 30, 2012

At least seven Western nations expelled Syrian envoys from their capitals on Tuesday in a coordinated action against Damascus spurred by revulsion over the killing of more than 100 civilians in al-Houla, including many children. (The activists say the government did it and the government blames it on al-Qaeda terrorists)

But such moves are (largely symbolic). In New York, where the United States and its European allies have tried in vain since last year to persuade Russia and China to back sanctions against Damascus, the 15-nation Security Council remains deeply split.

There are no signs Russia and China are ready to support tougher steps at the U.N., despite what happened in al-Houla,” a council diplomat told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Russia and China vetoed two resolutions that condemned Damascus for the bloodshed, though they recently joined the rest of the council in approving the deployment of (unarmed) military observers and backing international mediator Kofi Annan's peace plan. The Annan plan has so far failed to stop the violence.


UPI Article - May 30, 2012

"U.S. Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder told reporters there were no plans for a NATO operation in Syria.

NATO forces, operating under the authority of a U.N. Security Council mandate, enforced a no-fly zone over Libya last year. The intervention was aimed at preventing Libyan forces from attacking anti-government demonstrators.

"Unlike Libya, you don't have pockets of the country that can be protected by civilian protection zones", he was quoted by CNN as saying. "You've got security forces intermingled with the population, and that introduction of greater military intervention from outside or arms to groups within Syria could further militarize the conflict in a counterproductive way".

Conflict in Syria is ongoing despite an April agreement to end the hostilities. A team of unarmed U.N. observers is on the ground in Syria to observe the terms of a fragile cease-fire".


"ACCLINIS FALSIS ANIMUS MELIORA RECUSAT" (The mind intent upon false appearances refuses to admit better things)


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