Swampyville's - Nursery Rhymes "Time to Sweep"!

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words!

Howl, delight, right, sheep, sleep, sweep, towel, weep.

Time to Sweep! By L. Don Oliver

There's a time to be awake, There's a time to __; There's a time to clutter, There's a time to __;

There's a time to reap, There's a time to _; either, Among the wolves, Are among the __;

The sheep will Bleat, The wolves will _; while, The Special Interests, Steal your crying __;

There is no difference, Between the left and __; They'll take all you have, With great __;

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In The Sweet Along My Way! By L. Don Oliver

In the sweet along my way, Reliving memories of the before; In the once, long, long ago, Who could wish for anything more;

Fishing upon the bank, Of a lazy flowing stream; No thoughts of tomorrow, Relaxing within my dream;

An old cracked cane pole, Resting gently upon my knee; Thoughts of the now, Lost in my reverie;

The ripple upon the stream. Created by a gentle blowing breeze; Sun dancing upon the water, The moment was mine to seize;

Sounds of a singing wren, Bass splashing with delight; A solitary soaring eagle, Upon it's effortless flight;

A greenish blue crab, Drifting along with the tide; A turtle upon a fallen tree, It's there that it will abide;

A majestic blue Heron, Wading in the shallows slow; Right there where all, The smaller fish will flow;

A family of Mallards, Gracefully paddling by; Soon they will join others, Upon their Northern fly;

A catfish beneath the water, Swimming swiftly upon it's way; Saying to no one in particular, "You'll not catch me today";

Time passes, oh! so quickly, In life it will never wait; Guess its time to go, For, I forgot the bait;

The descending Sun is yawning, The Moon soon will be high; Time to gather up my gear, And tell all my friends goodbye;

Many love ones are in heaven, There, where the Angels sing; While I'm still upon my journey, I will cherish all that life will bring;


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