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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Air, brings, kings, light, night, where.

Truth! By L. Don Oliver

Truth thy brilliant ray is shining, It glows through the darkened __; Offering meaning for existence, Rendering reason to the __;

The Flaming Arrow of Deceit, Is arching through the ; Swiftly spinning upon it's flight, Descending to who knows __;

When honesty becomes extinct, In the Valley of the __; It's truth that gives solace, For what tomorrow ___,

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In the Beginning! By L. Don Oliver

It was in the beginning, After he created Heaven and Earth, The Lord saw there was a void, So, he decided to create birth;

First he created two males, Instructing them to multiply; And when nothing happened, He gave it another try;

Then he created two females, Saying, "don't let me down"; And when nothing happened, He tried another round;

He then created a man and a woman, Hoping that they would rhyme; And the eternal begetting began, Thank God, it worked this time;

The hypocrites among us, At the pulpit they stand; Giving their political view points, Instead of God's command;


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