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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words!

Appeared. bled, clay, despair, downed, divest, doubt, down, ensnare, fled, horse, lay, made, out, paid, pawned, plan, quest, reared, scam, sources, town.

American Horse (Our Government) By L. Don Oliver

By destiny compelled, and in _; The people grew tired, of their _;

Weary of the promises, they were _; And for the bounty, that they had _;

So they said, to those who were in __; Together we must throw, the corrupted ones ;

The people went forth, in their __; Of the unlistening ones, they would ___;

By Political pry, an object was ___; A steed of monstrous height, soon _;

It's sides were all masked, in watery _; There inside, is where the corrupted ;

Secretly they plotted, it was their _; All the people of the town, they would _;

When the object was raised, above the _; It crushed the walls, and they tumbled _;

Off into the distance, the corrupted _; Leaving that town, they had thoroughly _;

And when the event, of morning had ___; That town's prosperity, had all been ___;

All this by design, for political fraud of ___; So never trust their promises, nor admit their __;

Previous Poem!

Cry of the Condemned! By L. Don Oliver

Walking down a darkened street, Within the silence of my mind; Searching for I know not what, That was so very hard to find;

Stumbling alone into the night, I felt something go rushing by; An apparition all dressed in gray, Then, I heard the Banshee's cry;

Screaming all about me, Darting here and to the fro; Swirling around my very being, Relieved as I watched her go;

Her wailing was so haunting, But I did not take time to see; And when I turned the corner, She was waiting there for me;


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