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Fill in the below blanks with the following words or use your own words.

Creeple, keeple, Meekle, People, People, People, People, People, People, sheeple, sneakle, tickle.

Pop! Goes the People! By L. Don Oliver

All around the Tax Tree, Politicians propagandize the ___; Politicians get all that they con for, "Pop" goes the __;

Matters not who's elected, The politicians will always be _, When there comes a glimmer of hope, "Pop" goes the _;

Close down all the shops, So none can be ___; Send them all overseas, "Pop" goes the __;

Popularizing the "Global" ones, The biased media isn't very _, All laws are being enacted so, "Pop" goes the __;

Sixteen trillion for the Big Boys, One trillion for the _; That's where your money goes, "Pop" goes the __;

All around Ole' Washington Town, The Status Quo's in a ___; The Establishment continues to prance, "Pop" goes the ___;

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Reeling in the Fish! By L. Don Oliver

Upon the day of his coronation, The new King surveyed his Treasury room; Opening his locked boxes of treasures, He came away with great impending doom;

He wanted a new "Air Force One", There was nothing that he could do; For when he opened the locked boxes, All he found were stacks of I.O.U.s;

His Executor of the Treasury said, Not to worry his troubled heart; For the fools and their money, Soon they will be rendered apart;

In this land of "THREE" classes, Of one we can ignore; They have nothing to tax, So we will forget about the poor;

A tax decree went forward, To the wealthy it was faxed; Alas, they had so many loop holes, That they could not be taxed;

Another tax decree went forward, This time to the Middle sway; Alas, there was no Middle Class, They had all been taxed away;

The Executor of the Treasury said, Worry not, we will get another stash; With just one little computer stroke, They created more spending cash;

With nothing left in the Treasury, Nothing to build their "Golden" chest; They borrowed what they needed, Forcing the people to pay the interest;

Sire!, don't worry about today, Or even if tomorrow will dawn, For when it comes retribution day, You and I will be rich and gone;

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