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What will the Progressive Utopian New World Order be like?

Politically Correct Resolution:

It will be a world where people will hold no animosities or grudges nor exhort control over anyone else. Where behavior will always conform to Mother Nature's laws, by learning to think, say, and do what is rational and obedient to fulfill the needs of this New (Old) Society. There will be no need for supervision in that equality (collectivism) will accomplish this goal. There will be no need for locks on doors or windows, no religion other than Natural Law, no individuality, no jealousy, no unkind words, no private ownership, no National Borders, no legal documents, no addictions, no poverty (in that everyone will have the same), no crime, no prizes awarded and there will be ample opportunities for all. There will be no scoldings, punishments or stress. There will be complete liberation for women, men and children of every race from the tyranny of judgements and prejudice, a world with complete social justice. There will be joyful fellowship among the peoples of the world, where there will be no strangers or anyone to fear. Daily life will be an exciting adventure in that there will be no conflicting thoughts or confrontations.

Conforming to the required actions; thus, will create this Progressive Utopian New World Order for those who adhere to its principles. Unlike mankind's philosophies, religions, and politics, the correct laws are not made by humans; but, rather by Mother Nature! This new utopian world will become a reality if the people conform to Mother Nature and to her natural laws.

Instead of a Utopian World, I feel, that we are being forced into a Dystopian Society!

"Dystopia is the idea of a society in a repressed and controlled state under the guise of being Utopian"! It is a society where financial/corporate interests will effectively use the government to set policy and make decisions that will benefit them. They will manipulate, infiltrate, control, bribe, and direct all the functions of Government!

So, let us all put flowers in our hair, join hands, skip down Utopian Lane (path to the New Collectives) singing kumbaya (of course, the words "Lord/Praying" will have to be deleted).

Non-Comformists (Individualists) need not apply. The only exemptions will be for those who will be in control of this Progressive "Dystopian" New World Order.


Think, I'll stay an individual with all of it's short comings!

"FINIS CORONAT OPUS" (The end justifies the means)


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