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What is the difference between Embezzlement and Peculation?

Politically Correct Resolution:

"Embezzlement and *peculation mean almost the same thing, but differ in that embezzlement is used mainly to describe the criminal actions of a private citizen, such as an individual stealing from their employer, while PECULATION usually applies to the larger-scale misappropriation of public or collective funds by people holding positions of trust within the organization managing those funds, such as the government". (Wikipedia) (Embezzlement is illegal and Peculation has been legalized for governmental use only).

*Peculation and Speculation have two different meanings. (You will not find the word "peculation" in any dictionary?)

PECULATION is that Marxist Progressive thing known as: "Take from those who earned it and give it to those who didn't earn it (which includes national and international conglomerates)"!

Actually, the word should be "piculation" rather than peculation, in that the government "picks" a certain fund to "Borrow From" and places these funds into another fund that will insure their reelection! (example: Raiding earned Social Security of 500 billion dollars to pay for unearned Obama Care).

For those who say Social Security is merely an insurance program, why is it when you make over a certain amount of income from other retirements that you have to pay income taxes on the Social Security you receive?. Yes it is adjusted; but, you still have to pay taxes on it. Therefore, it is considered to be earned income and not insurance income.

Case in point. My wife and myself, who paid $1,500.00 in income taxes just from receipt of Social Security Retirement income for the tax year 2010! In addition to paying income taxes on Social Security, there was a forced deduction of approximately $2,300.00 (my wife and myself) from these Social Security payments per year for Medicare that I never use (that is until such time the government abolishes the Veteran Administration's disability program and by that time there probably won't be a Medicare Program either). An additional $4,800.00 is peculated each year from my Social Security payment in that I have another retirement where I didn't pay into social security (Windfall Profit Law). The reason for this deduction in the retirement manual is the statement: "It's not fair that I should make more money (even though I paid for it) than those who are in the same category". In other words, those who retire with the same amount of years and who never worked and paid into Social Security should not be penalized; however, we are going to penalize you because you did. It's the same old, same old, "take from those who earned it and give it to those who didn't earn it"!

My charity to the government, government take backs and taxes, is $20,000.00 per year! (I guess someone has to pay for their yearly congressional pay raises)


I've resigned myself to the fact that eventually the government will take back every cent that I've earned over the past 50 years. This is not about me, it's about our grand children and the world that we are leaving them!

"PECULATUS" (to embezzle)


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