This winter season as been wild with larger and more winter storms from years past. Along with above normal blizzards from the Midwest to the northeast. This is all due to a strong La Nina that formed in the summer of 2010. Where La Nina formed a very strong southern jet stream which moved into the central part of the nation clashing with the normal winter jet. This enhanced the normal winter snow storms with more moisture from the south and more lift in the atmosphere to give the low pressure systems a deeper central pressure which causes stronger winds at the surface to form.

Now this pattern, the split jet as meteorologists call it. Will indeed effect the up coming severe weather season from now into the early summer months. With again stronger low pressure systems. Which will cause more severe storms and a higher number of tornadoes from the rockies to the midwest on east ward into the eastern and southeastern states.

When the southern and northern jets merge they give the atmosphere such a lift that the clouds from a normal thunderstorm cell become super cells. Close to 60,000 feet or more, which then causes a lot of twisting in the atmosphere at different directions and height. This causes tornadoes to form and could cause stronger twisters to reach the ground which then leads to more wide spread damage and possible death.

With the Weather Alert Service you will be notified via land phone, cell phone, fax or email what ever you subscribe to. Severe thunderstorm and Tornado warnings available via phone. And we customize them so from your home and or business 10 miles out you will be alerted with that call warning you. You can get all watches and warnings from spring and summer storms to winter alerts via email and fax. The cost is low for a 12 month service and it’s a life saving service for your family and business. Call WeatherWatch Service to sign up 863-686-6234.

Or go online to severe weather and sign up on the Weather Alert page.

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CMNI_Webmaster 5 years ago

To sign up for this, click on link in the top navigation under "Weather". I have been getting these for a few months now. It is faster than the tv and I don't have to have the tv on! In fact I could have them sent SMS to my cell, but I turn that off at night so I chose to have the regular phone alert. I also get the alerts via email. The other night we had Severe Thunderstorm Warnings that resulted in 3 quick calls to my home. The 3 calls was because weather changes, and the alerts change. Our Meteorologist Tim Root has been doing this since the 70's... and he has the most accurate forecasting you are going to find.


CMNI_Webmaster 5 years ago

Just wanted to point out and Thank Tim for his prompt service. I got a call from him last Friday when the sirens were going off about the tornado warning... the thing is, I got that call about 90 seconds before the sirens went off. I called my wife who was shopping at Kohls. She actually was the one to notify the store of the warning. I had been watching the nt weather page, so I knew the storms were likely to miss us and that they were a good 20-30 minutes away. So, during the call to my wife, I told her she had plenty of time to make it home safely.
Timeline of events... 1-I got a call from Tim telling me of the Tornado warning. 2-I called my wife. 3-she immediately went to check out and leave. 4-She tells the checkout girl of the warning. 5-the check out girl tells a security officer. 6-the security officer goes outside to check 7- my wife leave Kohl's. 8- The security officer hears the sirens. 9-all customers are corralled into a storm shelter at Kohl's.
I am just saying that 90 seconds can make a huge difference. A lot can happen in 90 seconds.


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