MoDOT's website and policies profess valuing their workforce. In the past, there was at least some attempt to live up to those values, perhaps because of the old school employees who thought of MoDOT with a sense of people caring about and helping one another.

Now its a different story. The MoDOT leaders care about one thing - money. And they are drumming up money by sacrificing their employees.

To make matters worse, they have entirely opened the door to corruption in the hiring / firing process. Division Heads and District Engineers have unfettered discretion to retain and promote their favorites, and eliminate those that they dislike. A well-respected employee with 10 years of good evaluations in their position can be tossed aside or replaced, simply at the whim of the boss. This good-old-boy system, while previously an offense that could be grieved, is now openly justified in the name of their workforce reduction strategy, the Bolder Five Year Plan. And the leader's decisions cannot be grieved. They claim that they are striving to place the right people in the right places because it's the right thing to do for MoDOT to survive. It's actually the good-old-boy system gone wild.

I don't know if it's illegal in government employment to suspend grievance procedures and to openly select lesser qualified employees for positions, but I think it should be.

The result will be a workforce too scared to be innovative or to disagree openly with the leaders, which runs completely counter to what MoDOT has encouraged for many years. A stifled workforce, overworked, underpaid, understaffed, spread too thin, beaten down - is that what Missouri citizens want? I don't think they would. The time is now to stop MoDOT's leaders before they hurt an honorable, economical, dedicated state agency to the point that it will take years to recover.


Slick48 4 years, 5 months ago

Its sad to say but MoDots not the only one who participates in the good ol' boy system. Its ashame that good ol fashion hard working doesn't matter anymore


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