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Officials: Report finds patterns of racial bias by Ferguson police Video March 3, 2015




MoDOT's management intended to hire contractors for part of the snow removal this year due to a shortage of maintenance workers (more have left than they expected after their workforce reduction started). When they solicited bids for snow removal, they came in too high. They are now resorting to hiring and training over 200 emergency on-call workers to plow snow this winter. You can see the job vacancies on the MoDOT web site at Getting rid of hundreds of their experienced workers and hiring workers they need to train is what their management calls the "right" thing to do!

They keep claiming that services will not suffer. I don't see how that's possible. The original 10 districts have been reduced to 7 resulting in some really huge areas to manage. 131 buildings are being closed. Experienced workers are leaving at twice the normal attrition rate - many employees apparently don't want to hang around for MoDOT's Bolder Five Year Direction (maybe it should be renamed the Bolder Five Year Disaster). Last winter they changed the snow plowing policy from making the roads clear to making them "passable". This news article explains it:

How can they possibly claim that service will still be good?


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