The latest salvo on the regular workers at MoDOT.  Now that the cuts are underway, MoDOT's top dogs revealed that 270 Maintenance Supervisors will be reduced to 35.  That means 235 of them will be demoted to Crew Leaders or lower, and then the domino effect will go on down from there. Many of the lowest paid "boots on the ground" workers will get pay cuts.  Until today, they were led to believe their jobs were the most secure.  Meanwhile, the upper echelon making $90,000 to $160,000 will still have their jobs, regardless of how useless the jobs are (for example Assistant Customer Relations Director and the newly created Assistant Chief Engineer).  Taxpayers of Missouri, do you really want to allow this to happen to your neighbors who take care of your highways first-hand?  It's time to get through to your government leaders to put a stop to this ill-conceived plan.

In April 2004, newspapers reported that MoDOT blamed their previous bond-selling as the reason they were dangerously low on funds, so they wisely stopped selling at $900 million of the $2.5 billion authorized, leaving them with payments of  $74 million a year.  Six months later a new director was hired, Amendment 3 was passed, and forgetting their recent lesson, they took off on their biggest bond-selling spree ever.  Now they are paying $274 million a year, all entirely avoidable since they weren't required by Amendment 3 to sell more bonds. Now we have the Bolder Five Year Plan, which will keep the MoDOT elite and their consultants and contractors laughing all the way to the bank, courtesy of the backs of MoDOT's rank and file workers.

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Opponents battle MoDOT’s numbers

Job cuts, service at center of debate

Opponents of the state Transportation Department’s downsizing plan argued last Wednesday it created substantially more job and service cuts in the northeastern and southeastern regions of Missouri than in the two metropolitan areas.


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