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Dismantling MoDOT and Plundering Amendment 3

The ballot language for Missouri's 2004 Amendment 3 said "Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to require that all revenues from the existing motor vehicle fuel tax (less collection costs) be used only for state and local highways, roads and bridges, and also require that vehicle taxes and fees paid ...


The latest salvo on the regular workers at MoDOT. Now that the cuts are underway, MoDOT's top dogs revealed that 270 Maintenance Supervisors will be reduced to 35. That means 235 of them will be demoted to Crew Leaders or lower, and then the domino effect will go on down ...

MoDOT's Debts And Cuts

MoDOT is now paying off debt at $274 million a year, which could have been entirely avoided. Contrary to what is usually stated, Amendment 3 (passed by Mo voters in 2004) did not require the highway commission to use the tax money to sell new bonds. It's in the Mo ...