MoDOT intended to hire contractors for snow removal this year. The bids they received for the work were overwhelmingly more than they anticipated. It seems that the contractors had to cover the high costs they would need to bear for liability insurance to plow snow. So instead MoDOT is resorting to hiring temporary snow plow workers as they have in previous winters. Could it be that MoDOT's management is wrong in assuming it will be more economical to privatize state services instead of retaining full time employees?

More significant is the fact that MoDOT's maintenance workers are leaving in droves on their own. The inhumane Bolder Five Year Plan has resulted in many good, dependable and loyal workers being demoted, having their positions eliminated, or being replaced through obvious favoritism. Experience, longevity, and excellent work reviews have nothing to with the person picked for the job. People with 20+ years in a position have been replaced by the "right" people who have no experience at all in that job. The injustices that individuals are experiencing, and all workers are seeing, has turned a good place of employment into a miserable one. Many are not standing for it, and the attrition rate has doubled from the normal rate. So many employees are leaving so fast that it's likely that MoDOT will need to hire new maintenance workers soon to keep the level that they need.

By the way, the managers in the Central Office in Jefferson City all (except one that I know of) were not replaced or demoted. They generally make 6 figure incomes. The Director makes over $160,000, quite a bit more than the governor makes, and that's not including benefits. They were spared what they are putting their low-paid employees through.


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