builing burnt down.

whatb a shame yet another 'crack house' goes up in flames,must of been using a torch to hit the ol pipe?Not being sympathetic,I have beemn in those apts,the people that lived there didnt take care of it,so good riddens for another Jeff City eye sore.Now habitat can build them all new houses thst will be crack central in a matter of months.,. just wait and see,.have a great day people...Mark..

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Cause undetermined for fire that destroyed Jefferson City apartment building

Twenty people were in need of shelter after a massive fire gutted a Jefferson City apartment building, early Saturday morning.


martin2thetruth 4 years, 5 months ago

Drugs are everywhere! I have never used crack, cocaine, meth, extacy, or any other drug, but I was first introduced to drugs living on rainbow drive. Kids in my neighborhood, were doing cocaine when we were in 8th grade! We grew up on the same street. The problem is, if you ask me, is where the police and media focus the attention! How often do you see police in JC on the west side of town?? How do you think the drugs got here?? Do you really think that 'those' people, who live in poor neighborhoods, and most don't even have vehicles, are bringing drugs here to jeff city? Or are you so ignorant that you don't see that it was probably a white man in a suit and tie that is supplying this city with their vices! There were two black, 'street guys' in History that ever was successfull bringing drugs in mass amounts to america! One of them worked for the c.i.a., n the other they made a movie about, because in law enforcement, it was amazing that a black man did that in america! Most of those crack heads and meth heads are victims of our corrupt society. Learn everyday, or get left in the past. America could be a better place without ignorance like that...


Slick48 4 years, 5 months ago

I can't believe that would be the first thing a person would think of in such a tradegy. People or so ignorant in this town. Little do they know there are people who live in Country club estates who are getting high also! And remember blacks don't fly the planes.


JMO 4 years, 5 months ago

What is the matter with people! There were families with children in those apartments too! The fire was at 4 a.m. It's a miracle no one was killed. And you are glad? That's a sad, sick, response to people losing their homes...I don't care what the neighborhood is like. Shame on you.


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